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Before we get started, we recommend taking some time to gather the following information. You will need to have these items handy to be as detailed and accurate as possible when completing your business profile, and to avoid your session timing out. 

Why is detail and accuracy very important?

The search engines grade businesses on their content and give them a score. This determines how important the content is and how it should be positioned in search. Likened to your teacher in school, the better the content, the better the grade and position it gets. So make sure you provide what’s needed to be ranked well.

Here’s a list of a few items you will need. When you are ready, click the “next step” button below to complete the business profile.

  1. Your Unique Business Name
  2. Your Full Business Address
  3. If Home-Based Business, List the Closest Major City to you.
  4. Think of Two additional Cities in close proximity for yo to be found in.
  5.  Business Contact Number that has not been used with any other business and has a professional message the represents the business. If not, we will assign you one.
  6. Web address or replicated URL that gives more information, for sign ups, more  product information and sales.
  7.  A solid Documented Overview of your Business with at least 500-900 words, that describes and highlights all important aspects of the business.
  8. Have your Business Logo Handy. A PNG image that is between 600×600 and 250×250 in dimension.
  9. A decorative PNG cover image with little to no text (recommended) that is 1000×500 in dimension or better.
  10. Have your List of Services available in a bulleted or numbered format.
  11. Think of 10 Keywords for your business that describes your industry and services better.
  12. Think of 5-10 Hashtags for your business that describes your industry and services offered.
  13.  If you have Gallery or Portfolio Images of your work or products, include them also.